Prices by SIzes:

12″ x 12″ = PHP2,990

12″ x 14″ = PHP3,490

12″ x 16″ = PHP3,890

12″ x 18″ = PHP4,290

12″ x 20″ = PHP4,590

Name: Electric Griddle Fryer One Machine Voltage: 220v Power: 4.7KW Temperature range: 50-300°C Precautions

. Dry burning is strictly forbidden. It is forbidden to directly use solid oil for heating.
2. When connecting to the power supply, a professional electrician must be invited, and a high-power machine above 3kw must be connected to the leakage switch and the ground wire.
3. When working with electrical heating, a staff member must be present. If an abnormality occurs, the power must be turned off immediately, and the power is turned off after the work is completed.
4. The temperature of the fried body during work is high and it is forbidden to touch. Children are not allowed to approach the electric fryer.