Perfect for small or large mixing tasks, this 8 qt. mixer can handle up to 16 cups of flour at a time! For added versatility, this commercial countertop mixer comes with an 11-wire whip, flat beater, spiral dough hook, and bowl, all constructed of durable dishwasher-safe stainless steel. This mixer requires a 230V electrical connection for operation. Plus, it comes with a 4′ long orange commercial power cord that lets your health inspector see right away that this is not a residential unit.

Features a 1 1/3 HP Motor
Its powerful 500W, 1 1/3 hp DC motor is KitchenAid’s most powerful, quietest model available, featuring precise all metal gears and advanced electronic controls that communicate with the motor 15,000 times per second for optimum torque with less heat buildup. Delivering plenty of mixing power for everything from a slow stir to a fast whip, this high-efficiency motor with 10-speed slide control is perfect for use in your bakery or commercial kitchen!

White Finish
The white finish and all-metal touchpoints give a professional look to any mixing station.

Qt. Capacity Bowl
The 8 qt. brushed stainless steel bowl with “J” style handle can hold enough dough for 8 loaves of bread or 13 dozen cookies at once!

A professional bowl-lift design makes it easy to raise and secure the bowl, and its commercial style attachment power hub is compatible with all KitchenAid attachments for added versatility.

An 11-wire whip, flat beater, a spiral dough hook is included so you can mix, whip, and stir a variety of ingredients for all of your baking needs.

Speed Control
For additional security, speed control protection reduces the risk of turning on the unit during cleaning.

KitchenAid Brand
From a brand you can trust, KitchenAid offers efficient and durable mixers to keep up with your high volume commercial kitchen. With a variety of attachments and accessories available, KitchenAid provides everything you need to keep your bakery, catering company, or prep kitchen running smoothly day after day!

Overall Dimensions:
Width:    13 5/16 Inches
Depth:    14 11/16 Inches
Height:    16 1/2 Inches